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Businesses of every nature and form use lock and keys. Every business needs quality commercial locksmith services at some point or the other. Your office houses expensive merchandise and important data. It is a good idea to do everything possible to ensure maximum protection of your office. Whittier Locksmith Store provides the entire spectrum of commercial locksmith services for all kinds of businesses in Whittier, CA. Our aim is to provide local businesses the best commercial locksmith service in the region.

Most business owners simply assume that the locks installed at the outset by the contractors is enough to safeguard the property. However, there are high chances that these may not be installed the right way and the security offered may not be adequate for your business. An established and reputed company, Whittier Locksmith Store can provide you the guidance and help you keep your contents well protected. Our locksmith services are much more than just installing locks and making new keys. We can help you with all of your security requirements.

Consult our professional technicians

We understand how crucial it is for you to ensure that your investment is well secured. This is why we have only the best and most qualified technicians to help you. We have with us some of the finest professionals who are fully equipped to take care of the several lock and key requirements of our customers.

For us, your security is our top priority. We can assess your business security requirements, recommend measures to enhance your security and ensure that it has all the security features it requires to avoid a break-in. We provide only the best services and use only the best products in the industry. No wonder then that most people in the region depend on us for services.

Best quality security products

At Whittier Locksmith Store, we take great pride in dealing with the latest and most advanced lock and security devices which are sourced from reputed manufacturers. With us looking into your security matters, you need never doubt if your commercial premise is safe.

Extensive expertise & experience

Your business is a crucial part of the local economy. You stock expensive and valuable products and employ people. We take it as our duty to offer you, your valuables and your employees’ maximum safety and security. At Whittier Locksmith Store we have more than ten years of experience in locksmithing and we pride ourselves on our expertise level and our excellent customer service.

 Whittier Locksmith Store’s technicians are updated about the latest advancements in the lock industry and we work with sophisticated locksmith techniques and tools to offer the best services to our commercial customers. Our cutting-edge expertise will enable you to resume your work within minutes.

At Whittier Locksmith Store, we offer the following locksmith services:

  • 24-hour services
  • DeadboltsWhittier Locksmith Store Whittier, CA 562-340-4632
  • Break-in repairs
  • Office lockout help
  • Broken key extraction
  • Advanced lock and key measures
  • Digital locks
  • Locks combination changing
  • Door unlock service
  • Installation of emergency exit locks
  • Regular lock upgrades
  • Security advice
  • Lock rekeying
  • Installation of robust door hardware
  • Master key system setup
  • Maintenance
  • Cabinet/Desk/ file cabinet locks

And many more

For swift, affordable and efficient locksmith services for your business, call us at 562-340-4632 now and speak to one of our helpful and friendly customer service representatives.

Lock Change in Whittier, CA

No responsible business takes its security needs lightly as there is zero room for error when it comes to commercial security. Despite several advanced security measures taken by businesses, locks still form an important first line of defense and are critical in protecting all the sensitive information within the company. An outdated or inefficient locking system poses a major threat to the interests of any business and must be changed before it is too late. click here to read more

Locks Repair in Whittier, CA

Commercial setups use high-security locks that are too sophisticated for a layman to understand, let alone fix. These are usually electronic locks that are coded to perform advanced functions like restrict access, auto-lock doors, trigger alarms, and more. Any type of mishandling can render these locks dysfunctional and add to your expenses; therefore, it is advisable to choose only a professional locksmith firm to carry out commercial lock repair to ensure that your locks stay in top shape. click here to read more

Business Locksmith in Whittier, CA

For any business, losing even an hour’s work means heavy losses while shutting operations for an entire day would be a calamity. It’s quite clear that business professionals just cannot afford to lose productivity, but what if it happens due to an unexpected lock or key malfunction? Lock and key malfunctions are common everywhere and no business is immune to them. Jammed locks, misplaced keys, and dysfunctional security systems can cause a shutdown of the company and may even result in an embarrassing lockout situation. If you run a commercial setup in Whittier, CA, choose only the best business locksmith for all your lock and key issues – Whittier Locksmith Store. click here to read more

Commercial Lockouts in Whittier, CA

A workplace is bustling with the activity of employees, customers, clients, support staff, etc. every day. Naturally, it is the company’s responsibility to keep them all safe within its premises and ensure a smooth entry and exit flow. But have you ever wondered what would you do during a commercial lockout? Commercial lockouts are very common and can severely affect your daily activity if not addressed on time. When you are in the middle of a lockout situation due to an unexplained malfunction, your first port of call should be Whittier Locksmith Store. click here to read more

Keyless Entry Locks Commercial in Whittier, CA

Every business environment contains several zones that are restricted to specific personnel based on their responsibilities and position in the company. Organizations enforce restricted access to prevent sensitive or embargoed information from leaking out. These high-security zones cannot possibly be implemented with traditional keys and require special keyless entry locks, commercial category. click here to read more